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CPB RedHawk Game Farm believes deeply that the key to a successful breeding program is in its quest in perpetuating and collecting the highest quality Game fowl bloodlines in the US and in the Philippines.

This has been possible through heart felt friendships and the love and passion of the Game fowl that Mr. Celso Broqueza posses.  Through sincere befriending of Master Breeders of top notched Game farms he has been successful in his collection of Gamefowl strains which  acquired  locally  and  abroad. Accepting only the best examples of each strain and following the careful recommendations of the breeders themselves like Lance De La Torre and Bebing Zulueta, as a result these strains  are  possibly  some of the finest in the industry today.


The owner of CPB RedHawk Farm in his younger days was involved largely in this sport, even at the age of 9 he was already fascinated with different awesome gamefowl breeds, raised Locally and Abroad.


As a avid and passionate enthusiast Mr. Broqueza through personally meeting breeders and purposefully seeking the facts and research about each Round head, Hatch and Lemon Bloodlines that he has acquired, has become considerably trained and taught by these well known breeders. Gaining some of their well kept secrets in the process of Maintaining and Developing quality game fowl.


In his life long quest and mission, Mr. Celso gained a keen sense in of selecting excellent pit fighters and Brood Materials which in the beginning, he collected only for personal use and his life long dream of Developing his own Roundhead Blend or strain.


Through the tutelage and guidance of the most respected and learned Breeders in the US and here in the Philippines, CPB RedHawk Game Farm strives to carry on their legacy in producing QUALITY not QUANTITY for serious Game fowl Enthusiasts and Professional Cockers.

Aside from the method of breeding provided and taught to him in this respect, CPB RedHawk Farm will welcome any advice to be shared by the experts and gentlemen in the sport to gain more knowledge in breeding these wonderful and honorable birds.
Blessed by a natural cool climate and with cool clean water and well kept grounds CPB RedHawk Farm is conducive to breeding and maintaining chickens, wherein the newly born chicks up to the age of 5 months could roam around freely, CPB RedHawk Farm would then have a large number of excellent pit fowls to choose from. The owner of CPB RedHawk Farm believes that through serious breeding and sacrifice, opportunity always comes around. 

Our Breeding Program


Our ultimate goal is to produce excellent Battle Cocks that could uphold its competitiveness at any pit event here in the Philippines and Abroad. Cpb Redhawk Game Farm is the home of the old lines from the master breeders like Lance dela Torre who breeds the well-known Boston Roundhead, Regular Roundhead, Hulsey Lemon, Hulsey Regular Grey and LDT 8 way hatch.

Roger Roberts the breeder of Cecil Davies YL-Kelso, Spangle Hatch, Hatchet and Chet bloodlines.
Jerry Laurence who breeds the famous Ray alexander and Dink Fair Lacy Roundhead, Jack Collins and Jr. Belt Cowan Roundhead.
Green Legged - Mcleans, Black Trotters and the celebrated Cecil Davies Kelso and Lundy Roundheads of our farm were acquired from Zac Mattingly of Tennessee 
Another one of our prized lines are the Newton Wade Sweaters bred by Danny Cerezo of Alabama.
And through the warm friendship with Master Breeder Bebing Zulueta, CPB Redhawk Game Farm was gifted with his prized trios Zulueta Red (Hulsey Lemon) and his 4X winner Zulueta Dom ("Tingga").
We are propagating our acquired bloodlines with the express intent of maintain its purity, and only time could tell if infusion is necessary but as much as possible outside blood is not the objective of my modest farm. However, should infusion would eventually be advisable, Cpb RedHawk Farm will endeavor once again to acquire same feather from whoever dominates the sport in time.
The birds on the photos in our Bloodline page are current being bred and maintained for gameness and excellence. Feel free to contact us for inquiries for future stocks or availability.